Voices 4 Ability Studios

The voice for your vision

Our Mission

A model of cooperation, accommodation and integration of individuals with disabilities within the digital workforce. A production house of finished mp3’s for use by other production houses of digital media.

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C4L and V4A Connection

The genesis of Voices 4 Ability Studios is due to the Connect 4 Life program, An Accessible Voice in Broadcasting. This program is designed to provide individuals with disabilities, the skills, confidence and demo materials to obtain an internship or apprenticeship in radio broadcasting. After running the program a few times, we found that we had this great pool of talent, all we needed was the work to go with it. The digital workforce is an example of one accomodation available, we provide finished mp3’s for use elsewhere, just a small piece of the overall project, but an integral component. So whether we are talking about cartoon voices, business applications, audio books, PSA’s, things of that nature, Voices 4 Ability has the voice you need to complete your project. All pricing is custom to the project, just like every endeavour is different, everything we do is one of a kind.

This 20-week hands-on introduction to radio broadcast course offers in-depth training on the fundamentals of radio broadcasting for individuals with disabilities. Students have the opportunity to create content, interview people, and learn about editing and other technical aspects.

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Our Vision

Voices 4 Ability radio highlights the organizations that make a difference in the day to day lives of individuals with disabilities, their caregivers and allies. Spotlighting the resources and information of these organizations makes us the home of available supports and accommodations. We provide a platform to hear the voices less heard, with all of our “podcast style” shows being written, produced, hosted, handled by an individual with a disability during every step of the process. Our vision is to make “disability” part of the everyday, creating inclusivity through awareness.