Voices 4 Ability

Voices 4 Ability is unique in that it will be a social enterprise, for Connect 4 Life charity, and will have a training centre for introduction to broadcasting for people with disabilities. Our talk radio shows will be on various relevant topics such as accessibility, employment, breaking down barriers, relationships, advocacy, and barrier free living just to name a few. V4A will be a mix of music and talk radio highlighting people and organizations that have made a difference. We will be providing a resource for: people with disabilities & their families, caregivers, service providers, the aging population and so many others.

Voices 4 Ability will increase public awareness of our clients and their contribution to their communities along with issues of interest. We will help highlight entertainers, sports professionals, and business professionals, who rose above their challenges focusing on their ABILITIES.

A Message from the Executive Director:

As the summer arrives, so do many new exciting activities at Connect 4 Life & Voices 4 Ability. It gives us time to once again tell you what’s been happening at Connect 4 Life and Voices 4 Ability. Our summer issue of Peer Connections gives us the opportunity to share all the goings on and update you on upcoming initiatives. It has been a very busy place around here with Brock and Lily, our interns for v4a working hard at developing our stations listenership and great new content. Again thank you to them for their hard work! As well we are very fortunate to have been giving the opportunity to hire summer students through the Canada summer jobs program. Our amazing placement students Areeba and Laraysa have come on board as our first employees. They definitely enhance our team. Lots of exiting things coming up stay tuned and visit our new website to stay posted!

The Life Skills Training Program

The Life Skills Training Program at Connect 4 Life will provide people with disabilities with the tools they need to live a barrier-free life through a variety of methods including workshops, seminars, hands-on training, and the opportunity to build skills-based mentorships. We will be launching a monthly workshop series facilitated by Nancy Barry. Contact us for more information.

An Accessible Voice in Broadcasting

An Accessible Voice in Broadcasting: This six month Radio Broadcast Training Course is unique in that it is the first in Canada designed for people with disabilities. It introduces people with disabilities to basic radio production. They will learn how to operate studio equipment as well as the theory behind it, as well as how to use digital audio editing software. Students will also be introduced to on-air presentation as well as news and sports writing and presentation, and Accessible content. Graduates will also have the opportunity to participate in an internship. Call us right away to find out more!

We are currently searching for venues throughout the region of Peel and Toronto area, to expand our training programs. Please keep up with us on our website for more information.

Also feel free to contact nancy@connect4life.ca for more information about our programs.

Access AMI

Access AMI is an opportunity to access AMI’s great original content!

V4A Headlines

V4A Headlines hosted by Brock Richardson and Lily Wang. Your weekly news wrap-up. We will discuss all the hot controversial new stories that happened over the course of the week. We hope you join us on a weekly basis.

Ability Pop

Ability Pop is a new show on Voices 4 Ability about entertainment news. We’ll be able to keep you up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip, your favorite Movies and TV shows, Music Videos and latest music releases. As well as in-depth opinions on the current trends. Hosted by: Brian Nguyen and Lily Wang.

Brock’s Story

Our client spotlight this issue is on Brock Richardson who is a graduate of our Radio Broadcast Training program and our new Station Manager for Voices 4 Ability. Brock Richardson is 25 year old Paralympic Athlete. He got involved in boccia in 2003 when he was 12 years old and has been competing since he was 16. Richardson was born with cerebral palsy and competes in the BC1 category. His family is very supportive and influential to him.

Boccia was his sport of choice because he knew the level he could go to and he knew he would be successful. Boccia has allowed Richardson to travel, build new friendships and have fun doing what he loves.

Richardson has competed at three World Cups, in 2007, 2009, 2011; the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games; the 2010 World Championships, 2011 Parapan American Games in Mexico, as well as the London Paralympics in 2012. One of his biggest accomplishments was coming in the top half of his field in Beijing 2008 at his second international event. Richardson was the recipient of the Junior Athlete award in 2005, the Yes I Can award in 2004 and The Spirit Award at Nationals in 2008. Brock shared the following: I have been involved with Connect 4 Life and Voices 4 Ability since I graduated from their broadcast training program in March. Connect 4 Life and Voices 4 Ability have given me an opportunity to live out one of my dreams of becoming a radio broadcast. Over the past eight months I have learned so much about not only myself but the radio broadcasting community. I look forward to working with the great people at Connect 4 Life and Voices 4 Ability for the future, I want to take the opportunity to show my appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity they have given me.

Lily’s Story

Hello, my name is Lily Wang and I recently graduated from Connect 4 Life's broadcasting program. Prior to enrolling at Connect 4 Life, I was a student at Sheridan College and possesses a background in social work. Not only was I able to learn the basics of radio broadcasting through Connect 4 Life's broadcasting program but so much more! I was able to gain tons of valuable hands-on experience and its nurturing and fun environment helped me gain confidence and improve on my skills which allowed me to take a step forward in my life. Connect 4 Life also gave me amazing mentors and role models which I felt I never had in my life before. Their guidance has helped me greatly and allowed me to grow into a better version of myself. The broadcasting program has also made me more aware of what's happening around the world and around myself. I feel this has made me a more well-rounded and knowledgeable person and I'm no longer stuck inside my own little world. Without this program I would never have gotten the knowledge or confidence to get me to where I am today as a writer and researcher intern at Voices 4 Ability. In my free time, I'm usually playing catch-up with my never ending list of books and TV shows or surfing the web looking for the next cool fact to learn. I believe that learning is lifelong and there are new things to discover every single day. I never thought I would be a good radio broadcaster, however Connect 4 Life helped me discover the radio broadcaster within myself. Join Connect 4 Life's broadcasting program today to discover the radio broadcaster within yourself!


Host Melanie Taddeo will interview individuals with all types of disabilities, from all walks of life, who have made a difference in their communittes. She hopes to inspire her audience to also get involved and make a difference in their own communities. If you know of someone that you feel should be interviewed by Melanie, please join the conversation on social media.

Straight Up with Jam

Straight Up With Jam is exactly what the title says: an open, raw, informative, yet entertaining discussion about disability issues involving our community and most importantly the residents living within it. There's no need to beat around the bush, let's just be straight up about it.


Meet one of our many clients that your donation can assist in obtaining the training they deserve. Mark is a 47 year old single father of two who was in a car accident that left him as a quadriplegic.

Mark is trying to obtain training to start a new career he can excel in and make money to put his 25-year-old daughter through school, and help his 12-year-old son who is hard of hearing get the services he requires to gain fulfilling education and life skills. When asked how the Broadcast Training Program and Connect 4 Life help him, Mark said, “After the accident I suffered from severe depression and anxiety, I didn’t’ go out or socialize. During that time, I isolated myself from friends, family, and the life I knew before.

I also stayed away from meeting new people. I have been paralyzed for 20 years and haven’t worked since the accident. However, one day I came across the Connect 4 Life pamphlet while attending Toronto Rehab and found the courage to apply myself to the working world once again. Once I began my journey with Connect 4 Life, I realized the possibility of gaining autonomy and finding a purpose again.“

Disability After Dark

The DisabilityAfterDark Podcast plans to shine a bright light on sexuality and disability. It plays with the concept of sex & disability as taboo, and turns that myth on its head. Host Andrew Gurza will take the listener on a journey that goes deeper into issues around sex and disability than ever before; tapping into how sex and disability feels, and shedding light on topics that we don’t often discuss. Through its raw, honest and real approach to sex and disability, DisabilityAfterDark will keep the conversation burning long after the lights go out.

The Accessibility Edge

The Accessibility Edge: All you need to know about Inclusive Architectural Design. A monthly ½ hr show on Voices 4 Ability radio show hosted by Thea Kurdi. The Accessibility Edge is a monthly ½ hr show on Voices 4 Ability radio that explores the ins and outs of inclusive architecture and why smart design is always accessible. From the human rights code to evidence based design to increased marketability, the show reveals how accessibility is fundamental to successful architecture.

He Said She Said

This hot new show is hosted by Mark Brown and Nathalea Miller which gives both the woman’s and man’s perspective on hot controversial topics in the media, life and love. Tune in to see how this dynamic duo have their say… Things we think, but rarely say out loud!


We are always looking for volunteers!
Applications can be submitted in two ways:

Method 1: E-mail
Download the application, fill in all the required details of the application in your computer, and email the document to us info@connect4life.ca

Method 2: Print and Mail
Download the application, fill in all the required details of the application, and mail to: 505 - 880 Dundas St. WEST, Mississauga, ON L5C 4H3

Get Involved

If you have a show idea or would like to get in touch with our station Manager, please email us at v4aradio@gmail.com

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